Save compared to leasing.

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Choose the loan that suits you (type of loan, amount, repayment period) Fill out the classic form (identity, situation, budget) First response in principle Build your file Read carefully and sign the contract Final positive response Wait for your money. You can déjà bénotéget acquainted with this cover afterès a délai d’90 day wait. This legal warning is meant to protect consumers from credit. Immediate credit: supporting documents and file. Tax savings. The support must be professional.

Are you in urgent need of cash? Do you have a project to realize as quickly as possible? Why not apply for immediate credit?

Here are the supporting documents and documents you will need. You can déreduce intérêts du crésaid privé taxable income and thus ésave taxesôts. By mandate given, the broker will seek credit in its place to meet its financing needs.

The documents to be provided for your loan. Flexible repayment. Thus, the role of the broker, as agent, is to act in place of the borrower. In order to obtain your immediate credit, it is necessary to provide certain documents and supporting documents to your rapid credit organization.

You want to repay your crésaid privé manière anticipateée because your financial situationère changedé? No problemème: an early repaymenté is possible à any time at no extra chargeémental. He studies the profile of the principal: He will thus be able to judge through these documents the risks he incurs and your repayment capacity. Save compared to leasing. debt capacity, solvency, feasibility of its project. These are identity documents: passport or identity card, bank identity statement. In most no credit check loans cases, the crésaid privé from Migros Bank is more advantageous than car leasing – for example for the cover of’insurance or l’use of véhicle.

He finds a loan suited to his situation. The justificatives. Change and save. The broker presents several files at the same time.

Be careful, do not get me wrong when you see the terms “online credit without proof”. You have Déjà a crésaid privé auprès d’another éfinancial institution, but want to bénotétake advantage of more advantageous conditions? Simply switch to Migros Bank and benefit from’a rate of’intérêt lower. The credit broker negotiates several types of loan including the mortgage. This means that the credit is done without justification. Grâthis à these six ésteps, you can get a crésaid privé attractive.

Likewise, the home loan broker is the most sought-after professional. That is, the borrower is not obligated to provide information on how he will use the credit. Further information. In addition, given the importance of the acquisition or rehabilitation of real estate: residential accommodation or commercial premises.

However, supporting documents will still be necessary: ​​proof of address (proof of residence or electricity bill less than 3 months old, for example), proof of income (payslip, last tax notice). You can find more details about our offer here. What kind of project can you set up with the help of a credit broker? Required conditions. The purchase of a house or apartment constitutes the highest proportion of loans requested by individuals, both in number of transactions and in the amount of capital granted. What are the best rates for a mortgage over 20 years? We grant crésaid privés à people exerciseçhaving an activityé lucrative 18 à 64 years old: For businesses, the acquisition of premises and means of production constitutes the bulk of the loans taken out.

Mortgage rates are at an all-time low. with a fixed employment contract, à hardée indéterminatedée and not résilié (not in péperiod d’test) in Switzerland or in the Principalityé from Liechtenstein; and with income régulier from’an activityé indépending, and holders of nationalityé swiss or d’a booklet for éforeign C or B (uninterrupted in Switzerland for one year), and with extract from the debt collection register without entryéare important and without pending lawsuits. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the type of loan that may have helped borrowers in the success of their project:

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